Monday, 1 June 2009

Duke of (no point) Ed journey

I survived, just. I am tired, and have sore calves and shoulders. I had to carry a pack which had really bad shoulder straps and my mum made me wear to big trackpants. uhh! The first afternoon was okay until my tent partner went home sick, so was stuck with a whole tent and all the breakfast food that she brought so i could eat. i also had to pack the tent by myself, in the rain. it was so annoying. then we had to hike up a hill, i had to navigate, it took forever. we had to keep waiting for everyone not to break their necks. then we finally reached the fire trail, and the ground was flat!!!! we walked for ages to a beautiful lookout and stuffed our faces full of lollies. and fruit loops, then others had to navigate and we thought we wre gonna get lost, we actually was going the right way. it was amazing. we got to the destintion, then stuffed our face with ate yu's contraband, nutella, it was soo good. then we had to go home. and unpack. my neck and shoulders were sore i couldn't get comfortable.

i will get better before dancing tomorrow, i hope

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