Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Agenda

Hello, today is thursday and i have one more hour of dancing ths afternoon. I have done all my ballet study for the week, and we have finished 2 dances, for our upcoming concert. I am not ontop of all my homework, which is the downpoint for the week...:(. but it is almost friday. on the weekend i am going on a camp for Duke of Ed. which will not be great, as it has been raining all week, and it will be muddy where we are going. eww.
I'd rather be anywhere but here...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dancing beginnings


I am about to start my set of dancing for the week. I study for 5.25 hours a week and i am dog tired by thursday afternoon, i then have to catch up on all my homework. School is tough sometimes.

Geography troubles

Hello, i am still in first class of the day, geography.
We are studying urbanistation. It is not very exciting. I only have half a term left of this, then my class moves on to history. Yay. I like history.

I actually better do some work now, before maths, eww.

I know that my spelling is not great, like my french speaking skills...

I am an age that is still in school, and i am a dancer.
I study classical ballet and Jazz dancing.
I am in intermediate in R.A.D. ballet.

I attend a school in sydney, australia and I love to sew. I frequently follow u-handblog.